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Magazine Articles (service journalism and marketing)

"Fleming Gift Creates Graduate Fellowships in Biomolecular Engineering" Ezra Magazine, Summer 2015

"Will Cornell Spartan Up?"a profile of Spartan Race founder Joe De Sena, Ezra Update, 2014

"The Transformer: Chuck Feeney champions the pleasures of giving while living" Ezra Magazine, Fall 2014

"The Adventures (and Many Talents) of Professor Emeritus Julian Smith" Ezra Update, 2014

"Cornell Professor: investigator, comedian, genius, friend" Ezra Magazine, Summer 2012

"Parents Today: involved, engaged, and very generous" Ezra Update 2014

"Your Baby Is The Size of…" Medium, 2014

"Best Student Job on Campus Keeps Getting Better" Ezra Update, 2014

"Scholarship's Boosted Endowment Supports More International Students" Ezra Magazine, Summer 2012

"Apple Teens, Apples, and The Spirit of Democracy" Ezra Magazine, Winter 2012

"Big Red Phonathon Breaks $1 Million Mark" Ezra Update, 2010

"Have An Idea? So Do I." Ezra Magazine, Spring 2010

"Small Change, Big Deal: How the Cornell Annual Fund came out on top" Ezra Magazine 2009

"The Best and Worst in Praise"  Instructor Magazine, 2008

"Ten Podcasts for Teachers and Kids" Instructor Magazine, 2007

"Page Boy: When It Comes to Books, Russell Wattenberg Gives It Away" in Baltimore City Paper, 2001

"Hopkins Traditions: The Two Faces of Turtle Derby" The Johns Hopkins Magazine, 2001


An Ithaca Caper produced by Acting Out New York, 2015

Orphans In Space,  produced by Acting Out New York, 2014

Windy, produced by Acting Out New York, 2014

Return of the Orphans, produced by Acting Out New York, 2015